BFP WOW!!!!!

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Well I suppose it is time to announce on my blog that I am PREGNANT!!!!! :bigsmile::

Still can't quite believe it.

I want to be able to write something interesting and worth reading but at the moment my brain has turned to mash potato!

I am scared and praying that my little jelly bean will stick! Will feel much better once my AF due date has been and gone.

So yes, WOW I'm going to have my fourth child! Scary but fantastic! :bigsmile:


  1. Yuzu's Avatar
    Wow, congratulations! I hope it's a healthy, sticky (pink) bean!
  2. shouldihope?'s Avatar
    Woohoo! Congrats! Have you posted your sway?
  3. puppydogstails's Avatar
  4. ttcboy2011's Avatar
    Congratulations! I'm very happy for you :)