Elective IVF Cycle Attempt for my DS- my PM's from that timeframe to a fellow cycle buddy

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I found this and thought it might help with e2, follicles sizes, etc. It was a PM correspondence I had with a fellow cycle budy at the time.

7-25- after 5 days of stims

Well, mine was 460 today, day 5. I go tomorrow morning for an u/s. My AFC was 12. I cycled before and my numbers are double what they were last time. I am posting on the August HRC girls thread since if I have ET, it will be in August. I am on a flare protocol with lupron, follistim(225iu twice a day) and repronex 125iu per day. My lupron just decreased from 20iu to 5 this morning. I hope I see some follicles on the u/s tomorrow. Good luck to you and keep me posted!

7-26- Ultrasound News

My news is going south...I went from 6 follicles to 9 and now DOWN to 8...they are starting to slip away . My e2 level is 1400+ which she said is good for 6 days of stims...the next 2 days are crucial for me- either go for it or cancel. If I have 8 I will absolutely take the chance...I just hope they are still there. The nurse told me today that the estrogen comes from all of the developing follicles but they want them to be 14mm so they can get an egg out of them. I should have some that are that big but it's not going to be many. I am on a very aggressive protocol too and this is it for us. I hope they keep going but you're right, it does suck! There just has to be something there for you but I did have to cancel my first cycle and this is a better response for me this time. A change in protocol has helped. I have to go everyday at this point. I wish I could skip a day.

7-28- after 7 days of stims

My first cycle, my estrogen level went up normally- over 1000 after 6 days of stims but I didn't really have any follicles. I did have 5 after 8 or 9 days of stims but only 2-3 that would have had an egg. They changed my protocol this time and added repronex which is fsh and lh on top of the follistim. It seems to have helped. I also took DHEA for 8-9 months before now. It is supposed to help too. 75mg per day. Sometimes it takes them a couple of tries to get the meds right especially on people like us with high fsh.

As far as me, I have 10 follicles that are 10+. Right now, looks like 7 will definitely have a mature egg and if the other keep growing, maybe more. My e2 level today is 1685. I was hoping it would be higher, but it just needs to keep going up. This is it for us, so we will go to ER no matter what. I am not doing this again.
Good luck. I'll keep you posted. Like I said, even if this cycle doesn't work, this is my second go and I am definitely seeing better results.

7-29- after 8 days of stims

I have 14 that are measuring 10+ and 10 that should have a mature egg.

ETA- my e2 level is over 2400 so that was a big jump for me!
I have been on stims 8 nights. My e2 was 2400 today up from 1600 yesterday. I go in tomorrow for one last check, hopefully, and should trigger tomorrow if all is well.


E2 over 3,000 and 17 follicles seen on u/s- 10 thought to have a mature egg

8-1 ER Day 23 eggs Retrieved

I am a little afraid of the fert call tomorrow b/c I know alot of those had to not be mature..they saw 17 on u/s on Thursday but some of those were not mature size. My DH says I am too negative about everything but it's just I know too much after having been on this board and seen everyone else go first.

8-2 Fert Report

10 Fertilized Normally- 1/2 ICSI and 1/2 naturally- only 3 of the natural bunch fertilized at all and 7/10 of the ICSI bunch- 10 embryos

8-4- Biopsy Day

10 embryos biopsied

8-6 ET Day

3 XY, 2 XX- Of the XY's, 2 are blasts- one hatching and one expanded blast the other they gave a 50/50 chance of making it to blast so it can be frozen. One XX is a HB too and the other XX they gave a 50/50 chance of making it to freeze.

Transferred the HB and froze the other XY blast.

Both the XY and XX made it to freeze by day 6.


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  1. MAMAof4Pinks's Avatar
    Question maybe I should know what do they do with the embryos like XX that you dont want? So on the first post I read you took the pregnancy test and you were pregnant are you still???

    PS I wish the blog started from the oldest...
    Im reading your story backwards, I'll see if I can figure out how to start from the begining..

  2. nuthinbutpink's Avatar
    You have to sign a consent form when you cycle as to what to do with any remaining embryos whether they be desired gender or not. Typically, your options are indefinite freezing but you pay yearly for that, discarding, donating to another couple and in some cases donating to science.