Four weeks down and feeling down

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I have been on the girl Diet for four weeks now.

I have days when I feel like It must be helping towards my sway and days when I just think I'm waisting my time.

I envy those mums out there who have never had to worry about swaying, heck probably don't even know what the word means! Either they have both genders or truly are happy with there family makeup. For me Swaying is a word I think about at least three times an hour.

I don't feel this down every day, I am generally a happy person but life can seem darn unfair and unjust sometimes.

Anyhow off to the fridge for some low fat yogurt......surely that will cheer me up :rolleyes: ??!!


  1. nuthinbutpink's Avatar
    I know what you mean about the thinking about it 3-4 times per hour. Planning HT, it was never not on my mind! I am glad to read you feel like there are things that you can and are changing to help with your sway though! I think that is a great sign that it can work for you!
  2. 3boys's Avatar
    Thanks nbp! I'm feeling much better and more positive today!! I'm trying to stay optimistic that my Sway will work! I have as much chance at a daughter than the next person after all!