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My DS2 is a lovable terror.

He doesn't even have a normal, happy smile.

He grins, raising his left side more than the right, with an impish twinkle to his very pale blue eyes.

I often find myself looking at him, wondering how he got here, how he got to be who he is. He is so different from my DS1, who was such a calm, easy-going baby.

I often find myself getting very frustrated with him when he insists on getting into trouble. Sometimes, being at home with him in the evening feels like the twice the work of actually being at my job.

Then, I feel guilty for having that thought, because I do so love him, and I love falling into his endless light blue eyes. I can marvel over how adorable he is, how chubby his cheeks are, love his little ivory baby teeth.

He has been the challenge of my life. I wonder if he will always be challenging, since he started his life with colic and we used to call him "fussy old man." He has come a long way from that, but is still so much more complicated than DS1 ever was.

Esp. when he's hellbent on destruction, I look at him and just wonder, "who are you going to be, little baby of mine?"


  1. CherryBlossom's Avatar
    Maybe it's a second son thing?
    I can totally relate LOL!