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  1. Introducing GenderSure

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    If you are doing IVF-PGD for gender selection until now there have been only two options, SNP array-based technology and BAC array-based technology. I am pleased to announce a third technique that is the world's first PGD technology developed specifically to maximize the accuracy of gender determination...GenderSure. GenderSure is greater than 99.99999% accurate for gender! the most accurate test ...
  2. Gender Selection Interview

  3. Sperm Count Less than 2 million, Daniel A. Potter MD advice

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    Sorry did not see this until now. With a sperm count of less than 2 million, the pregnancy rate depends of the other parameters (motility, morphology) as well as the history. Most likely without IVF it is going to be <2% per month and probably <1% per month. I would recommend IVF. Regarding the supplements, I would have him stay on them until you complete your family as they may help slow the decline or check to underlying cause of the low count. I hope that this helps.
  4. Dr. Potter what is your view on estrogen priming

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    It may help with number and quality of eggs in some patients. It is not likely to have much impact on the genetics of the embryos though. There are many variations of the estrogen priming protocol. Estradiol pills, patches or both are usually started in the mid-luteal phase. Antagonist is sometimes added after the first day of estradiol. Patient then stops antagonist and estradiol and begins stims on 3rd med free day. Cyckle will either be a ML flare or antagonist protocol. This is one variation.
  5. FertilityAuthority honors Dr. Daniel Potter as Fertility Doctor of the Month

    FertilityAuthority honors Dr. Daniel Potter as Fertility Doctor of the Month. In addition to his role as the medical director for HRC Fertility in Orange County, California, Dr. Potter is the laboratory director for Gene Security Network. Dr. Potter is being recognized as Fertility Doctor of the Month for his involvement with groundbreaking fertility treatment that increases the chance of having a healthy baby, and his commitment to advocacy for fertility patients.

    Evolving Technology ...
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