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  1. Low Testosterone and fertility

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    Hi RubyOrchid,
    I am always thrilled to hear from one of our success stories. WIth a low testosterone, I would suggest that your husband consider hCG injections 2000iu twice a week. This will raise his testosterone and not impair spermatogenesis.
    Dr. Aaron Spitz is an experienced male fertility specialist/urologist in Laguna Hills that has excellent results with these cases. I hope that this helps.
    Dr. P
  2. SET IVF Pregnancy rates with GSN

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    In July we had another great month. I am in the process of evaluating all of the single embryo transfers (SET) from 2010 that used GSN.

    I am thrilled to report the following results based on 48 cases in our Laguna Hills facility.

    Hatching blastocyst (20 cases): 90% implantation with 80% ongoing/delivered

    Expanded blastocyst/blastocyst (17 cases): 73.3% implantation/66.6% ongoing/delivered

    Early blast/compacting (11 cases): 36.4% implantation/27.7%