UK foods ideal for LE diet

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Welcome fellow Brits! I've been here since August and in my 5 months on the le diet, I've found a wealth of products that fit in perfectly. Here's a list for you all, I hope it helps:
Warburtons Danish White Bread
Morrisons - Moroccan-style hummus, NUME red pepper and NUME Jalapeno hummus, NUME cake slices inc lemon, chocolate chip or carrot cake
Ryvita Crackerbread
Go Ahead chocolate & strawberry thins
Special K Chocolate Biscuits Moments
Walkers Baked Stars crisps - any flavour
ASDA - Chilli penne and spirali pasta (lower in cals and protein than standard pasta)
Chocolate Philidelphia cheese and any low-fat Philli
Snack-a-jacks Caramel flavour rice cakes and the chocolate chip ones too
Weight watchers - Rocket and Mozzarella pasta sauce, Tikka masala sauce, Roasted garlic pasta sauce, Creamy Mushroom sauce (high in sodium, maybe a treat meal), Bagels, Part-baked mini-baguettes, Spicy Arriabiatta microwave meal (again maybe only for a treat meal) chocolate mini rolls (YUM!!!), any of their cake slices (Toffee apple flavour is fab). Be careful with any of their biscuit range as they tend to have oats in them. Best place for getting WW food is Poundland
Options hot chocolate
Cadburys hot chocolate (40cal one)
Snapjacks biscuits
Levi Roots Rasta Pasta sauce
Shape no fat yoghurts (my favourites are the apple crumble and rhubarb crumble flavour)
Lidls - no fat yoghurts
Mentos sugarfree triple flavoured chewing gum
Robinsons Special R squash
I think that's about it but I'll pop back and edit the list if I think of anymore things!


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    Oh my goodness this is so super duper helpful!! THANK YOU!