The Waiting Game

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I had my Panorama draw today. I was really expecting just to walk in, have blood drawn, be given a pamphlet about genetic cell-free fetal DNA testing, and go home. Nope, I had an extensive ultrasound, a 30 minute chat with the genetic counselor, and then the most horrific blood draw of my life.

I am a fainter. I hate needles, and I absolutely have to look away when my blood's being taken. I usually have to lie down, but I was okay the last time, so I thought maybe I'd be okay to sit up this time. I told the nurse I was a fainter, but that I'd been doing well with needles lately, so she tried to draw. She missed. She dug around in my arm for a minute. She took the needle out. My vision started going black. I then realized that it had been a while since I'd eaten (they saved the blood draw for last, 2 hours after I got there!) and that I was thirsty. She freaked out, ran into the other room to get me orange juice and peanut butter crackers and water. I perked up after that. Then a new nurse, one with more experience getting the vein, came in. She took me to a room where I could lie down, and promptly blew out the vein on my other arm. At this point I was't passing out, but I was really trying to quiet my needle-phobia. She went back to the first arm and finally got a vein. My low blood pressure meant that filling up the two vials took FOREVER. I also got a finger prick for some other testing, so I walked out having been poked 4 times.

So now, we wait. Is it wrong to feel like I've earned being told that it's a girl? Between the sway, the difficulties with convincing DH and this, I really hope it'll have been worth it. That's horrible to say, any child is worthwhile, I just hope beyond hope that I got what I tried for.

Either way, I should know within 2 weeks. Time to meditate on accepting what life randomly hands you.


  1. angielorna's Avatar
    I wish you a calm and peaceful 2 weeks. I know it probably won't happen (waiting is the worst!), but I hope your meditation helps keep you as anxious free as possible. I hope, most of all, you find out you are carrying your daughter and that she is healthy. Hugs to you.
  2. aidansmum's Avatar
    That's a lot of pricking! you poor thing! The wait can be agony so find every possible way to keep yourself calm and relax. I had Harmony instead of Panorama, and the wait was also 2 weeks. Not fun. I will be crossing everything for you here x
  3. carmella_marie's Avatar
    They always blow my veins out. When iw as in the hospital for DS they had an IV in my foot bc they'd blown our both arms and both hands!!! I found that drinking a TON of water before rally helps and I always ask for a butterfly needle and their best phlebotomist/nurse. It sucks. Sorry your draw was so traumatic but you'll know soon!
  4. carmella_marie's Avatar
    Just curious--why did you choose panorama over harmony?
  5. LilithWiser1979's Avatar
    That WAS a butterfly needle! Ugh, and I drank a ton of water before my appointment, but I peed it al out before they drew me since they took so long :( I think it was just my unlucky day.

    I chose Panorama because it's the most accurate (for gender especially!) and available a week sooner than the others. It also tests the cell free fetal DNA in a different way than the others and offers the amount of fetal DNA found, so you can be confident in your answers or retest if the rate was low.
  6. MatildaMai's Avatar
    Poor you. We used to get these blood collectors at my clinic who were not nurses and some of them were terrible at it. I used to pray I'd get a proper nurse at my appointment! Waiting really sucks. Can't wait for your update though. So hope its a girl!
  7. Kelissi's Avatar
    Do you meditate? I'm involved in a 21 day meditation that might be helpful in your (new) 2ww ...

    Sending lots and lots and lots of love - I hope you'll come share the news when you get it!
  8. Girlfriend's Avatar
    Forgive my ignorance but how does panorama actually work and how far along do u have to be to find out gender?
  9. angielorna's Avatar
    Just checking in to let you know I've been thinking of you! How are you holding up?
  10. LilithWiser1979's Avatar
    I am a wreck! I called Natera on Thursday to make sure they got my sample, which they said that they had on Tuesday. I called again today to see if they were done processing and her computer was being slow. My heart raced and I literally felt nauseous waiting. Then she told me results weren't in yet, and I'm still shaking. Ugh! I just need to know to be put out of my misery!

    The rep told me to call my doctor this afternoon, and that results would be in by the end of the day on the 23rd at the latest. I have the distinct feeling that I won't know today, but that won't keep me from calling!

    Girlfriend, Panorama works by isolating fetal DNA within a maternal blood sample and testing the DNA for chromosomal abnormalities and microdeletions. In doing this, they find out the gender, as well. for Panorama you have to be 9 weeks, minimum. For the other tests, you need to be 10 weeks or further along.
  11. angielorna's Avatar
    oh my....I hope you hear before the 23rd!!! I'm keeping my fingers, eyes and toes crossed for you!

  12. foxymrsg's Avatar
    I keep thinking of you and so praying you're having a pink bundle! Can not wait for your update! Keeping everything crossed for you!
  13. ocean's Avatar
    And it all worked out!!!!! You caught the right egg alright - so happy for you - the sway worked or life worked or it was just meant to be. In any case - congrats Lilith!!!