My news is out!

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I did it. I told everyone I'm pregnant and that she's my long awaited DD! It took some serious bravery to do it, since I have friends with all boys who I was afraid of hurting and others I was afraid might feel betrayed for not having been told before now, but it's done now.... and I had some real surprises.

My friend who is pregnant with her DS2 was surprisingly happy for me and congratulatory. She gushed to me about how happy I must be and we got to share about our pregnancies. It was really nice. But then she revealed to me that she was JUST beginning to be okay with having only boys and stopping at two until I gave her my news. She said she looked at our family and saw that it was a great family dynamic (which was both flattering and made me blush to think about how inconsolable I've been at times about not having a DD) and thought her family would be good like this, as well. Now that she knows our family is growing by two little (pink!) feet, she's thinking about going for her own. So, I don't really know how to feel about that. I know I'm not responsible for the feelings other people have when I'm just living my life trying to be as happy as possible, and it would be really conceited to think I have that much power. On the other hand, it's painful to think I sparked feelings of inadequacy in someone over their family make-up. Sigh.

My family, a large one that welcomes babies without question, were all ecstatic for me. No surprise there.

My mother in law, who I thought would be thrilled to have a granddaughter, was simply in shock. She congratulated me and all, but it wasn't a heartfelt gushing. She was genuinely surprised that my husband gave in on the issue of a third kid, and she said something about going from two grandkids to four in the span of three months. I figured she'd be over the moon when she heard, since my SIL isn't finding out the gender of hers and wants a boy first. SIL is due in September, and my MIL stated plainly that she was "putting in her order for a girl." I figured that a granddaughter only two hours away would be even better than a granddaughter two time zones away. I think she'll end up really falling in love with my DD, as all grandparents do. She had a hard time adjusting to the thought of DS2 when I was pregnant with him, and said that DS1 "would always be her first grandchild." But now, I know it's rude to think that anyone has a favorite grandkid, but I think DS2 has a special place in her heart. Maybe it's just the thought of "having enough love" for another?

I'm really trying not to use her pre-pregnancy lifestyle to predict gender, but SIL was doing eating super healthy, on prenatals and essentially crossfitting with lots of heavy weights 3-4 days a week. I'd be a little surprised if she has a girl first. Then again, it would be awesome for my DD to have a cousin of her same gender who's nearly the same age!


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    Congrats. What did you dO to sway pink I need heLp I have 3 boys
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    Here's a link to my sway!


    If you read through the comments I give some extra details.