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I tried to figure out which Clinic to go to. Theres a great one in Guadalajara and one in Mexico city which I was trying to choose from. Now I decided on Guadalajara because it was closer to the ocean so I figured for the first visit my DH and I could just drive the 3 hours while my mother and father in law stay with the kids (thery're coming with us too) After 8 days we would mover over to Guadalajara to be closer to the clinic for the second week which is when you have to go in A LOT. I wasnt to happy about moving because there isnt that much for the kids and I LOVE the beach. Then I relized that there is another location of the IMI fertility clinic in Mazatlan... GREAT huh!!

Then I had to figure out how to get my blood work done since I dont have a PCP I called my OB/GYN office but the nurse told me I had to tell them the name of the clinic and the DR would decide if she wanted to order the tests for me. Now if you know anything about the blood tests you need youll know that you need them on certin days of your cycle and mine were coming up fast so the whole fact the DR was going to decide if she wanted ot order them or not was making me uneasy. So I found a clinic its pretty neat its an urgent care reg Dr office and Lab/Radiology in one that is really fairly priced. So I saw a Dr that was so nice and she was more interested in the whole Mexico thing then worried I guess Mexico comes up with alot of her patients ( I guess they need medical help and cant afford it in the states) I would go to Mexico if I had to for Medicine or medical care... well I guess I am.

Anyways so I got my labs have my SHG scheduled, which they do there, I feel like I'll save so much over going to the hospital on that one.

Waiting for the results in the mail, I'll update the numbers when I get them.