Had the phone consult with Dr.P

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I had my phone consult with Dr.Potter and of course I was driving in the car with my 4 kids. They gave a time frame of 2 hours and I had to get my daughter from Kindergarten. I didnt get a very much info got a little.

SO for my age and how many kids and how easy it was for me:

This is with 24 probe:

1 embryo transfered 70% of pregnancy
2 embryos transfered 85-90% of pregnancy
*50% chance of twins with 2 transfered

My DH is not worried about twins he's worried about my body, he said if we have twin well have to spend money to fix it after. Thought that was nice of him to point out.

Thats about all I got out of it, but then I reasured myself that I would talk to Linda. I do better with women. I get uneasy very easly and being in the car with 4 kids well on the phone didn't help either.


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