4 weeks - 252 days to go!

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This pregnancy I'm determined to document as much as I can! I was useless with both my boys and forget half of when things happened, etc.

I'm only 4 weeks, 28 days pregnant! Only 252 days til my due date of the 6th September. If feels an age away!

This week we've had Christmas day, where I spent most of the day alternating between gorging myself and feeling sick. I wanted Hubby to tell everyone but he just didn't seem to find the right time, even though there were lots of opportunities and I even gave him opportunities, such as "So, what was your BEST present Darling?". I dropped a few hints, "oh, I can't have anything to drink, I'm not allowed!". Only sister-in-law picked up on it and was thrilled. She's currently 30 weeks pregnant, so as long as everything goes right, there should be 6 months between our little ones. It was nice to be able to talk to someone close.

Anyway, the family came to ours on Boxing Day and we made the announcement over a toast with champagne. Everyone seemed happy, although we got the usual questions about coping with three children, where are we going to put them, etc. It'll be a squeeze (three little ones in one box room) but it'll be fun and we don't plan on staying here for longer than another 3 years.

Well, the sickness seems to have subsided a bit, but I can get nauseous with certain smells, and it seems stronger in the evenings. I've been getting cramps but nothing like period coming, so hopefully this little bean will stick for the next 8 months. Pregnancy tests are getting stronger still so its looking good and I'm feeling a bit more relaxed.


  1. Butterfly Spirit's Avatar
    Congrats again Northern! I think documenting your pregnancy is a fabulous idea! You won't regret it. Also take tons of progression pics!
  2. Tiggerian's Avatar
    Congrats!! And defo a good idea with the documenting - don't forget the pics =D