I need to relax

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[QUOTE=Northern_Shutterbug;237954]Ive been on edge, irritable, bitchy, snappy and an emotional wreck all day. I should be ovulating today and had a +opk yesterday evening but within 8 hours it had gone from neg to pos to neg again, so I'm utterly confused - and have done about 6 more tests today and am none the wiser!

I am sure SIL is having a girl and it just feels like a kick in the teeth do its really made me depressed.

So, hubby has put the boys to bed after we all had a naughty takeaway and I'm now sat in this:


Relaxing with music and candles.

I've also had a bit of a cry after 'talking' to my nan who passed away two years ago. I'm not mad, I just hope that her energy or something, call it a spirit, is still here in some way. I miss her and I feel guilty that I didn't see her enough. She only met my DS2 on her death bed as I hadn't made time to go down when he was really little, and she loved babies.

Anyway, I asked her to help us and bring us a little girl. I recently went through my Nan's jewelry box my Grandad gave me and I found a pendant of hers, which had a jewelled G in it. Her name began with E, so no idea why she had it. But I'd like to think its a sign as we want to call a girl Gemima if we are lucky enough to have a girl.

Anyway, I hope I can begin to relax and maybe tonight will be the night we make a girl![/QUOTE]


  1. Butterfly Spirit's Avatar
    I'm sorry Northern, each of our journeys are so different. They are time consuming, and frustrating as hell at times. But you just need to keep pressing forward with faith and if you are religious, prayer helps too! I will bet that your Nan is watching over you and your family. I believe in that most definitely. I believe things happen for a reason..and in the time they are supposed to happen. Just don't give up, and don't focus on your SIL, just try to be happy for her if she is carrying a boy.. and continue to put all the positive energy you can into your journey..and remind yourself that you are working hard for your DD and remember that every month your chances aren't 50/50 that it will be a girl or a boy.. because of swaying I'd say more like 80/50 and that's wonderful! Eventually everything you are doing will pay off! Just don't give up!!!! It took me 10 months to have a M/C and then by solid 12, I got my Rainbow baby. I value my baby so much harder because I worked hard for her! Against what seems like all odds because I had an uncooperative DH who did not want a third! But he has changed and he's excited now. Just count your blessings and think about all you have because all you have now is what you once only desired to have!
  2. Jenneilbluebell's Avatar
    hi hun i just wanted to say i feel and do the same thing with my grandma who died in 1996, she is watching over you for sure xxxxx