Superior A.R.T.

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Capricon- the thai clinic is called Superior A.R.T. It's in Bangkok. You can go through Genea (formerly Sydney IVF) as they are affiliated with SART. The cost including accomodation in 4/5 star near the clinic is Au$11,000. That doesn't include meds. If you are very lucky you may be able to get some of your meds on the PBS. Ask on the international forum for advice on the city you live in for that one. Some ladies have gotten a GP to write the scrpits and tick PBS others (like myslef) had info on a pharmacist who would do it.
They are now doing day 5 biopsy which is good but it has meant that the price has gone up considerably in the last couple of months. You will need blood test work up which can take up to 7 weeks to get back so if you are in a hurry call Genea soon.
Good Luck!


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    Hi Everyone!
    I have just been reading your stories regarding Superior Art in Thailand and wondered if anyone has any updates, has anyone been to Thailand yet, is anyone pregnant? How did it work out for you? I would really like to hear your latest news...
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    hhj, you may want to check out the forums for more information!