Chemical pregnancy...swaying, shortish LP or just bad luck?

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Firstly, I'm so sorry to hear about this. Sometimes I think the early HPTs are more a curse than a blessing because we know about things we never would have before. Huge (((hugs))) to you.

What you say is absolutely correct, it is entirely possible to have a short 10-11 day LP and both get pg and also have a chemical because your lining has already begun to deteriorate. 10-11 days is borderline and can go either way so if you had a late implanter that scenario is entirely possible.

I think you need to be on the B6 for the entire month. Vitamins, unlike herbs like vitex, need to be taken consistently both for your own health (your body gets "used" to vitamin intake at a certain level) and also for best effectiveness.

I personally believe, and I am not the only one who has noticed this independent from one another, that there are an unusually high number of chemicals amongst pink swayers doing an IG style sway. There are several threads where people ask about this on IG which I would love to post for you but I am getting monkeys, if you're curious you can Google them when IG is functioning. Tamara believes strongly that this is not true and claims that 80% of all eggs are bad according to her doctor, and that this is what causes chemicals, but several people have noticed the chemicals are disproportionately amongst pink swayers and less among blue swayers. Plus I kinda think that 80% number is a bit silly and pulled from thin air whether it came from a doctor or not, since a lot of us have gotten pg many times with our first egg - is she really saying you can only get pg 2 or 3 months out of the year due to bad eggs?? Without a study comparing blue swayers to pink swayers, we can't know for sure.

There could potentially be many reasons why this could be and I hope you don't beat yourself up over it. Blood glucose levels are one possibility so I would be sure to stick with whatever diet you're following at least for the first few days of the 2WW (yes, after egg has been fertilized) and I have also wondered about cal-mag levels or possibly low potassium contributing to chemicals. The starting and stopping B6 is probably not helping matters either so again, I do hope you'll stay on B6 constantly or else stop it all together (weaning off slowly rather than quitting cold turkey).

Clomid is another option for extending LP and it will also sway pink for you. Personally, if I had a short LP I would def. consider talking to my doctor about that and seeing if they'd give me some Clomid.

I would not worry about ectopic if you are getting BFN. If you were having an ectopic, you would be getting BFP and things would seem like they were going normally but then you would develop bleeding and pain.

Anyway, I hope this is helpful in some way...I know chemicals can be very difficult to get through and I am thinking of you.