Had the best day yesterday

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Oh for joyous Saturdays - they lift up my week and balance out the stress etc that is my work week.

Had the most wonderful day with my family. DH is such a dream husband - I knew this when I met him but he's proven it out again and again. I'm a lucky lady. He made us all a yummy breakfast and took my eldest out so I got to snuggle and play with and kiss my baby and his beautiful baby-soft skin. We each got time alone with each boy during the day. My eldest and I sat and cuddled at a library for a couple hours and just read and read together. After they went to bed, DH and I watched a scary movie where I spend 1/4 of it burying my face in his t-shirt.

I also finalized the meds for cycle 2 at the lowest cost I could find. Next step is AF.

But actually, my mind this weekend has been on my family and OH HOW HAPPY AND HEALTHY I FEEL. Breathing in my family and just enjoying them really restores me. I am living such a good life with my family right now and my heart is full !