Words I want to say someday

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"My daughter"
"My little lady"
She / her, referring to someone in my family
"Daddy's girl"
"(DS1's) sister"
"(DS2's) sister"
"Yes, I'm a mom of three!"

I was thinking today that I could see myself keeping trying again and again until I'm holding my DD - I want it very much. I want to have a bassinet in my hospital room with a little 'It's a Girl!' card in the plastic sleeve.

Today a friend was talking to me about her daughter, and I thought "I'm going to keep going. I just am."

And perhaps I will! Optimism! Onward and upward! :)

Still awaiting AF. Could be any day.


  1. Adia's Avatar
    Good for you! Being positive can't hurt, might help!
  2. Jany1025's Avatar
    YES!! Determination!! Love it!
    I have the "Its a Girl" card from the bassinet on my refrigerator, it seems so unimportant but to you and I it means everything ;)
    I am a bad influence I will tell you to keep going until you get her! Heck that's what 0% percent credit cards are for!
    Get your Girl!
  3. Jenneilbluebell's Avatar
    this is me too i hear you. good luck hun xxxxx
  4. ocean's Avatar
    Jany - Isn't that crazy....that little card does mean everything somehow. I felt it more with my second son...the longing, looking at those pink little cards in the nearby bassinets. An utterly instinctual, base longing. It was like the paths were set from those little cards, me going in one direction, others going in another. Of course that's not really how it is...but that feeling somehow doesn't leave you.

    Keep being a bad influence for now - it's like I do have my own little cheerleader! :)