High Tech Gender Selection

Blogs about using IVF and IUI for Gender Selection purposes.

  1. Why I'm doing this

    I am in flux. I fluctuate between obsessing over and trying to ignore the IVF process I'm in. I fluctuate between thinking this won't work and thinking it might. I fluctuate between being able and unable to think about my friends who have or are having girls. I fluctuate between pain and hope.

    As that's what's driving this for me, the reason d'être, the reason this blog exists. I do not have a daughter, but I deeply want one. In my heart of hearts, I don't (really) think I'll ...

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    High Tech Gender Selection
  2. Journey has begun

    I've started this blog to have a place to get my thoughts out. I think I'm going to need a record later, more for myself than anyone else, depending on how this all turns out. 'This' being my experiences as a mom to two beautiful children, and my journey/attempts/thoughts around having a 3rd.

    I've started IVF (in vitro fertilization), and have completed one 'cycle', with a second one to come next month. I have a lot of emotions about this process. I started out excited and cautious, ...