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Praying and hoping and giving all I can give for one more shot of having another daughter!

I will be posting in my blog, so once I become pregnant, I can chill out and relax what I ate and for how long.

My goal is 12 weeks! To me the diet is the strongest sway, I will update once I start full cardio. Which I hope will be soon but most likely after the holiday, because I am super busy shopping etc.

Let start the date of December 1st of the LE Diet.
Even though I been on it since August on and off, I am trying my best to go veggie as start of December 1st.

I been doing pretty good with no meat. Lunch is so easy it's dinner that gets hard oh and the snacking.

Kiddos are acting up I'll write back when I can.
My weight is around 113-114