Princess Mom

  1. Praying for another Pink for baby #5

    I am having my Mirena remover today Iím at the office now waiting. I am praying to add one more baby and praying God gives me one last daughter.
    I am not sure when to start ttc but I have been on the diet almost two weeks now. Snacking been difficult since itís Summer. I am now thinking to start trying in October or December.
  2. Veggie Veggie No Meat

    I am doing pretty good with no meat! It's been 12 days but last week I had very small amount one day. I think maybe once a week having small serving. Just so I don't go nuts and crave it. Also if as long as I'm staying in the limits I feel okay with that.
    Today I had egg plant for dinner. Tomorrow will have some sort of veggie sandwich.
    I need to head out and buy some more salad mix. I love having salad on a white tortilla wrap with small amount of Cesar dressing. For lunch
  3. My LE Diet Blog

    Praying and hoping and giving all I can give for one more shot of having another daughter!

    I will be posting in my blog, so once I become pregnant, I can chill out and relax what I ate and for how long.

    My goal is 12 weeks! To me the diet is the strongest sway, I will update once I start full cardio. Which I hope will be soon but most likely after the holiday, because I am super busy shopping etc.

    Let start the date of December ...