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  1. Melbourne Catch Up!

    [QUOTE=MatildaMai;565788]Just look for our avatars (babies). If I am not chasing my spirited (and surprisingly fast) 17mth old (who looks more like a 2.5yo - my DH is really tall) I will be saying very loudly, "Alexa come back", "Alexa be careful" "Alexa be gentle with the bubby" - you get the picture![/QUOTE]
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  2. My core unhappiness isn't coming from GDesire...

    My core unhappiness does not come from GDesire, as much as I thought such a year ago. Thinking that just gave my mind an easy scapegoat for everything that was wrong in my life. I thought the only reason my life didn't fit my 'blueprint story' (thanks NBP for citing below( was because of GDesire.


    But sort of as atomic said, I know that huge reasons I've been/am unhappy are other things ...

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  3. I wouldn't have GD if...

    I wouldn't care about the gender of my children if I lived on a desert island, just me and them and my husband.

    If this was therapy, my therapist would then ask me, "And how much do you believe that?"

    I would tell him 99%.

    My children make me deliciously, decidedly, dramatically happy. Now they also can make me so frustrated and upset that I want to withdraw and be anywhere but with them....but that's parenthood, and those feelings are fleeting ...

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  4. Delaying my FET a month

    I was set to begin my FET cycle, meds had arrived, calendar was in hand. I was excited to get my AF. And then things got very, very busy and stressful, job-wise, new-house-wise, children-wise, you-name-it. When AF arrived, I felt only dread at the idea of proceeding in a few days. DH and I agreed to wait a month and I'm relieved. Sad to not be cycle buddies with WAD and Orchidia and others, but glad I didn't push stress level and to some extent my unhappiness are too high at the ...

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  5. It can't happen to me. It just can't.

    I've all but convinced myself that this can't happen to me. When I think about having a daughter, it's the same day-dreamlike musing of someone contemplating winning the lottery. I think of all the wonderful aspects of not worrying and being depressed about it anymore, about the elation and ecstasy of finding out that my dream came true, of telling other people how I was SO lucky to get what I wanted most in the world... and then I come back to reality.

    After making three boys, ...
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