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  1. New to sight looking for advice:)

    Hello ladies

    I am new here and looking for any help I can get! I have two boys 4 and 2 and my hubby and I are going to be trying for our third and last in late summer/ fall! We are really wanting to sway for a girl:) no one understands how much I long for a girl! My hubby says we have a 50/50 chance! I would love a boy or girl but I know I would always feel a void if I don't have a girl of my own:( where do I start I've been looking and there is so much to look at? For those of you ...
  2. Avoiding GDe Triggers… and other safety warnings

    Here's what's working for me this month. I'm in a much better place now, but I'm still human and GDe triggers can distract me from my happiness.

    1. No royal baby stuff. I check less now and close the page if there's a royal baby mention. I don't read royal baby threads on this site. In good news, where I live, interest quickly waned.

    2. Keep my eyes on my own children, esp when I'm out with them. I've been saying this for a while but actually DOING ...

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  3. How deep GDe travels (and for DH, too)

    DH and I had a 'talk' last night. I was feeling very, very down about the upcoming FET and I didn't hold back when he asked what was wrong. He said "Is this all because you want a daughter THAT much?" which of course stung, especially since we're a couple years into this effort.

    But later he said what he keeps thinking about is that he couldn't 'give me a girl' and that it's his fault this is all happening. My DH is the sweetest, strongest, most devoted DH and daddy, ...

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  4. Deep dread for FET #2

    Woke up this morning with a heavy heart. You know that feeling….the head-bowing, rounded shoulder, already-sunk feeling that takes up your whole chest.

    I'm preparing for FET #2. I'm not really imagining any outcome right now - it working or not - because the first I can't believe is possible, and the second makes me want to throw up.

    If it doesn't work, there will be so very much to regret. If it does work…. well, I can't even complete the sentence. That path ...

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  5. Surprise! A friend is having my DG

    A friend I barely see surprised me by email a week ago - she's finally pregnant (yeah! after years of trying!). I congratulate her! She writes back and we're giddy as school girls again! She's farther along than I realized! And then pinned at the end of her next mail is "Oh and it's a girl!"

    Yep. That particular flush of heat and emotion we all know so well goes coursing through my body. An instant mind-altering flash, followed by stark reality. The conversations ...

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