seven gorgeous babies


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So got the news an hour ago.

Out of 8 embryos that made biopsy, 2 were boys and 6 were girls after clinics sperm sort.

1 boy had a trisomy and 3 girls had trimosys too.

So I have 1 healthy boy and 3 heathy girls.
The girls are at 8 and 12 cells and if progress well I will transfer 2 on Saturday!!!

So at the minute I have a thousand things going through my mind:

What if they all arrest before Saturday?
What if it wasn't my husbands sperm?
What if there not my embryos?

And what if I get twins???

I know on a five probe your best to transfer 2! And to travel all this way to only transfer 1 and leave 2 frozen is silly but how do I explain twins??

I know so much about pgd and automatically think everyone will know.

It's too obvious to produce twin girls after 5 boys!!

My friends aren't stupid.

From been 18 I have always said I would have twin girls!! Everytime I was pregnant I waited to be told twins at the scan.
Just scared it might now happen and I'll have to explain it all?!!!


  1. MAMAof4Pinks's Avatar
    Its funny that was my DH and I concern too what if it wasnt his sperm? I was told they only do one persons fertalization at a time so that wont happen, but you never know. That would be the weirdest feeling if that did happen