seven gorgeous babies


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So after hearing that I had 3 healthy girls to transfer or freeze I then got a call to say they were already hatching blasts by Friday afternoon so half a day early and Dr wanted to transfer right away.

We rushed to the clinic and two beautiful girls were transferred.

I found out a few days later that the third xx arrested before freeze.

After some emotional and stressful days I couldn't believe it when I got my BFP on Friday morning 6.5dp4.5dt.

Just amazed. Things like this don't happen to me!!!!

Just hoping everything keeps going so well xxx


  1. nuthinbutpink's Avatar
    Enjoy every moment! Congrats again.
  2. MAMAof4Pinks's Avatar
    Have you taken a Pregnancy test yet??
  3. seven gorgeous babies's Avatar
    Yes mama. I am 6 weeks pregnant today :)