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  1. April 2013

    Well was just reading through my old blog and wanted to do an update on what happened next!

    In November 11 at 7 weeks a scan did indeed show I was carrying twins.

    In may 12 at 36 weeks I gave birth by c section to my beautiful daughters weighing 5lb 14 each

    They are now 10 months old and I still can't believe there here. I constantly pinch myself.

    It was worth all the pain, the stress, the tears, the money xxx
  2. Results

    So got the news an hour ago.

    Out of 8 embryos that made biopsy, 2 were boys and 6 were girls after clinics sperm sort.

    1 boy had a trisomy and 3 girls had trimosys too.

    So I have 1 healthy boy and 3 heathy girls.
    The girls are at 8 and 12 cells and if progress well I will transfer 2 on Saturday!!!

    So at the minute I have a thousand things going through my mind:

    What if they all arrest before Saturday?
    What if ...
  3. Fert report

    So out of 15 eggs 14 were mature and 12 have fertilised.

    So happy to have that many!!

    Just hope the rest goes to plan
  4. ER

    So egg retrieval was this morning.

    It is one of my little boys 8th birthday. So I was upset about having to leave him

    Plus the fact I was absolutely terrified about fainting and feeling so ill again.

    The clinic were great. The Dr promised he wouldn't leave me.

    So they got all 15 eggs which is my record. 11 first cycle and 13 second cycle.

    So now I wait until tomorrow to see how many were mature, fertilised........
  5. How I missed these needles :)

    So tonight I started stims!!!

    I honestly love this part!!! The needle did not hurt a bit.........

    Fingers crossed all goes well from here!!
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