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  1. April 2013

    Well was just reading through my old blog and wanted to do an update on what happened next!

    In November 11 at 7 weeks a scan did indeed show I was carrying twins.

    In may 12 at 36 weeks I gave birth by c section to my beautiful daughters weighing 5lb 14 each

    They are now 10 months old and I still can't believe there here. I constantly pinch myself.

    It was worth all the pain, the stress, the tears, the money xxx
  2. BFP

    So after hearing that I had 3 healthy girls to transfer or freeze I then got a call to say they were already hatching blasts by Friday afternoon so half a day early and Dr wanted to transfer right away.

    We rushed to the clinic and two beautiful girls were transferred.

    I found out a few days later that the third xx arrested before freeze.

    After some emotional and stressful days I couldn't believe it when I got my BFP on Friday morning 6.5dp4.5dt.