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Just a little about me,
I am 36 and live in Sheffield, England
I am married with 2 lovely boys aged 1 & 3.
I totally love my boys but can't pretend I didn't have gender disappointment during pregnancy with both of them. My husband is the only one who knows how I feel as I am too embarrassed to admit it to my family and friends as I know I should feel lucky to have to happy healthy boys. And I am happy I just long for a daughter too, greedy I know.
I have been on this forum for a couple of years, just learning and reading but mainly too shy to post. But now this really could happen and my husband is on board,a aah! Can't quite believe it.

So here I am hopefully going to HRC in 2015, wish me luck, x


  1. Kittybear's Avatar
    Best of luck Hun!! :) xx
  2. jmomof3girls's Avatar
    Good luck. Update when you can.
  3. Jovon's Avatar
    Hi dear where are you having yours done
  4. aussiettc's Avatar
    Smiles I just posted on your other entry. Sorry not stalking you but just so nice to know there are others in Yorkshire on this journey. I too have 2 boys, 1 and 3 and hoping for a pinkie in 2015. Wish you the very best of luck xx
  5. NatashaPoidevin04's Avatar
    I also know how it feels as my mom got disappointed when she gave birth to me, she was so disappointed. She told me that story each time she got mad at me. But as I grew older, she just realized that everything happens for a purpose.. What ever God gave to us, we should always be thankful. Sometimes it does really happens that the ones we got was not actually the one we dreamed of...