November TTC & 2ww

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[QUOTE=Pbn3;954828]Yay for flashing smiley Abc!!!

Greydore that spike is a good sign you have indeed oed but it's still questionable as to whether it was cd13 or 16.... was that near pos opk cd12?? If so then combined with the o pain cd13 and a primary spike the following morning I'm inclined to lean towards cd13 (only because of the combination of things, none on their own are a strong factor) however when it comes to testing time you have to remember that cd16 is also a good possibility and therefore you may actually be 3dpo less :)

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Both! And I know -- we briefly worried I had on after my second loss did similar, and it wasn't.

Here was my FMU:


Guessing HCG is just really taking awhile to leave? I'm CD9.