Nurse: "2 boys huh?"

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So I am 32+2 weeks and we managed to go Team Green the entire pregnancy. However, during my appointment this morning, while taking my blood pressure, the nurse said to me "So, 2 boys huh?" I am so upset with her and disappointed that she could even make a comment, regardless of whether we were Team Green or not. I swayed for a girl, am utterly desperate to add a little girl to our family, and I had feelings this may be it! Obviously we will love this baby no matter what the gender may be, but I feel like she single-handedly just took my dream from me, 7 and a half weeks before delivery. Just had to vent because I am feeling quite enraged with this woman!!


  1. Throwaway_panther's Avatar
    I hate these unfeeling comments. I'm so sorry that bothered you!

    So I see you have one boy? What could possibly have made her say TWO boys?? I hate when medical professionals go by old wives tales for anything -- did she say it because of how you looked? I had SO many people say boy for me based on how I carried with DD, lol.

    I wouldn't pay it mind -- I even had midwives who checked me saying 'he' for me when I was pregnant with DD (when we KNEW we were having a girl and I even wanted a boy!).
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  2. TJsMomma's Avatar
    I was asking her if they could determine the baby's position since my son was breech until 37 weeks. Maybe I said "with our first son?" or inadvertently lead her to believe this one was a boy. Maybe I was just being overly sensitive (thank you raging hormones!). I am going to ask at my appointment this week if the sex was documented anywhere, as it shouldn't have been seeing we intended on being surprised. It is really something how one person's comments can weigh you down so much!
    Thank you for responding, it did ease my mind :)
  3. kikurose's Avatar
    I don't know if you've had any resolution, but my friend had two boys and was team green with her third. She walked in to delivery and the OB mentioned "let's get this boy out!" well it was a GIRL! Hopefully it was just a weird slip of the tongue and you have a DD in there!
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