Psychics, Obsession and Gender Swaying!

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So, we began swaying in January and had a break after dieting and supp'ing, for around 6-8 weeks. We are quite sure we fell pregnant on the 2nd try but had an early (chemical) loss. I wanted to take some time away because the obsession was getting the better of me!
We have been back on the diet and supps for around 7ish weeks now and are waiting for ovulation!
In depths of desperation, I paid for a few online "baby psychic" readings. All have said very different things, from the gender to the time of conception or birth. I'm taking it with a grain of salt now!
I have really relaxed since the beginning of the year. I think, it was all so overwhelming that I felt if I did not do it ALL and by STRICT protocol given on another forum I was bound to "fail".
After much reading, and research I have come to the conclusion that I too have a GREAT chance of conceiving my boy, I just need to keep myself positive! Saying that, I have also had to come to terms with the possibility of conceiving another daughter too.
My end decision came to this:
I know I would regret it later in life if I did not try one last time, watever the end result shall be!
So what kind of things am I doing now?
Ok supps for me include fish oil, folic acid, potassium, was having Vit E but ran out and won't be getting any more. I don't think this is the end all be all without this Vitamin. Wheatgrass and Brewer Yeast in tablet form, Zinc, CoQ10 (will prob run out a few days before O, again, won't bother buying more), Vit D - this is a new one I was not taking earlier in the year. I am actually so glad now that I had not fallen yet as I feel this is an important thing to take.
DH takes the same as me - he was also having L'Arginine (this ran out last week) I was having L'Arg earlier in the year but it dried me out.
I dropped the EPO and Flaxseed oil.
We were having geltine and juice for months and were so damn tired of it so we stopped around 3-4 weeks ago!
We have a few glasses a day of pineapple juice and I add some grapefruit to mine for EWCM.
Oh and since AF finished we have started Urals. Will also add in some Vicks Chesty Cough syrup too.

What are we eating?
Daily: Bananas, Oats with dried apricot or dates, Oat or Almond milk, wholegrain bread, cold sliced meat and potato.
Every few days: Fried bacon and eggs and hot chips.
We salt the foods we can.
Every second day we have fresh vegies for dinner. Otherwise we have chips and burgers or spaghetti with pasta/raviolli/pizza.
Few times a week we have almond or peanut M&M's this is the only way I will eat nuts HAHA.
We don't omit cheese anymore if we have it in our burgers.

Drinks: I have lemon water and water daily and pineapple juice with grapefruit juice added.
DH has pineapple juie and water.

DH does Karate once a week and I do go to the gym but not alot lol but when I do go I focus on weights and gentle cardio.