1. Psychics, Obsession and Gender Swaying!

    So, we began swaying in January and had a break after dieting and supp'ing, for around 6-8 weeks. We are quite sure we fell pregnant on the 2nd try but had an early (chemical) loss. I wanted to take some time away because the obsession was getting the better of me!
    We have been back on the diet and supps for around 7ish weeks now and are waiting for ovulation!
    In depths of desperation, I paid for a few online "baby psychic" readings. All have said very different things, ...
  2. 6dpo... having a real downer of a day!

    So my temp went up after yesterdays dip, but looking at previous charts I do this around 4/5 dpo anyway? Am guessing it is a progesterone thing? Would this affect my moods, as today I have burst in to tears twice already and I feel very flat, kind of emotionally drained although I do not have a reason to be this way

    I need a day nap I think.... sleep it off maybe that would help?
  3. Opening up to GD

    I must admit, I have never actually sat down with DH and spoken to him the slightest about gender disappointment.

    So I did today.

    I began by asking him would he be upset if this is another girl and he sat down next to me and said "I will be disappointed that I don't have a son, but it doesn't mean I won't love my baby!"

    Made me feel heaps better

    I told him that I will probably have a big cry and what not and that for this ...
  4. Coutdown is on!

    I have now hit the time of my sway where I am offically stressed and nervous

    I am so stressing over how to do my cut off as I do not have a set CD of O

    I am going to get some of those smiley opk's as well as use my strips, BD will be of an evening as mornings are just IMPOSSIBLE!

    Thinking for first go, will just dtd once on O and see how we go...

    Praying and praying some more for God to bless us all with the love of ...
  5. Bad timing!

    Bummer! We had a sick child in hospital this week so I missed my surge, the chance to test my peak pH and still no themometer to temp!

    This was meant to be the last cycle to track before attempt, so now I am not sure wether to track June and attempt in July
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