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    Curious on timing of af

    I was just reading up on the post about af time changing while swaying and curious if that seems to still be something that is noticeably happening. I noticed mine changed for a while but then this month it went back to my usual morning start. Kind of bummed about that!

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    For anyone who hasn't found that thread, it's here:

    Yes, it still happens, but it is not (and never was) something that is universally true. We can't predict anyone's gender outcome on that basis and it's completely common for people to notice changes that are not consistent and go back and forth between different patterns. So don't be bummed, it's ok, it's just one of those things where it's definitely an interesting pattern we've noted, but no one should ever base a sway on it happening, or not happening, or happening and then un-happening, LOL.
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