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    Demographics and their effect on Gender

    and their effect on Gender

    Review of Research into Demographic's effect on gender determination

    More boys are born to younger parents- Perhaps this is due to more BD and the more BD you do, the more seminal fluid is present, thus paving the way for the faster, lighter Y sperm so when the egg is released, it reaches it first


    Older Moms and Teen Moms: Women in their 40s had the lowest ratio of boys to girls while late-teen moms had the highest.


    Number of children:

    The more children a woman has, the more likely she'll have an equal number of girls and boys


    Chinese women had the highest ratio of boys to girls, followed by Filipino women, while American Indian moms had the lowest.

    The sex ratio at birth for African Americans is lower (102-104) than for whites (107). The racial effect is clearly biologically determined at conception because African Americans have higher levels of circulating gonadotropin and therefore a higher probability of conceiving girls.


    Parents in higher socioeconomic classes are more likely to have sons but this is likely due to the fact that higher socioeconomic status individuals are more likely to receive prenatal care and thus, lower mortality in general.


    Still More Boys than Girls Being Born

    But women still outnumber men, says Census Bureau

    Combining all the years studied, older mothers (40 to 44 years of age and 45 years and up) have the lowest total sex birth ratios (1,038 and 1,039 per 1,000 females respectively) and mothers 15 to 19 years of age had the highest sex birth ratio (1,054 per 1,000 females).

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