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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobster View Post
    4blue we’re doing good here thanks. She’s 3 weeks old now. Time just flies by.

    How are you getting on?

    Mrs sparkles and summer any updates?
    im good thankyou time flies doesnt it its scary how fast it all goes!

    Girliecat how are you and Sierra getting on?
    now 6blue3pink after 3 GD sways xx

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    38+3 now, BP has been better this week so doctor said don't need to induce yet thankfully! I'm just hanging out waiting for baby to come.
    I have another OB apt appointment tomorrow so we'll see what my doctor due date is Dec 13 and my doctor said the longest they will let me go is till the 14th, so if I'm still pregnant by then I will for sure be getting induced on the 14th.
    I'm getting so impatient and ready to have this baby!
    Due December 13, 2019
    Expecting our little princess after a pink sway!!

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    Not long now then summer! Good news about not being induced. How are you feeling??

    Mrs sparkles surely you must be snuggling your baby now?? Can’t wait to hear from you.

    Lily is 4 weeks old now! I’m so in love but oh dear god so tired too. Having 3 is hard work 😬 ds1 & ds2 are getting used to sharing me now I think which is good and are quite affectionate with their little sister which is nice.

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