Hi Ladies....so glad to see everyone doing so well today!!

Well I had my Dr. appt day today to tell me exactly how far along I really am! And so.............I was right!! I knew I was cause ah duh I know my body!!
So the u/s showed me to be 8 weeks exactly and by my last period date it was saying 7weeks and 6days! So I will be 9 weeks on Wed. so the one bad thng about this is....I still have about 4 more weeks of m/s!
But so far everything looks good baby looks good and my Dr. run extra blood tests to rule out any future problems.....he is a wonderful Dr. and is treating this pg's with extra care in the places he can so we can try and prevent things from happening again...even tho everything that happened before was never figured out why...all the test in the world and they never did show why our little boy got hydrops fetalis!