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    Oh Sweetdream, you hit the nail on the head! I am SOOOO a Martha and that may be why 3 out of my last 4 pregnancies have been boys lol! That is for sure something that I have to try to manage better especially if we try to sway pink again in a few years! Any suggestions for that one??

    I do try very hard to try to let some things that she says go, I definitely do not speak up about probably 99.99% of the things that she says. I ignore it and we have actually been to a therapist (after my last m/c) where my MIL was a big topic of conversation and she told us to either be succinct (sp?) and just not give all the details about things (b/c she looks for openings to give her opinion) or playfully tell her that she is overstepping. We are doing the first option for the most part. There is one HOT button for me w/ her - I have not been able to let it go and honestly, not sure I ever will be able to. She told me a while back that we (DH & I) shouldn't have a 3rd child b/c we couldn't handle the two that we have! Well she knew later that she overstepped but yet continues to make comments - she made it abundantly clear that she didn't think we should try again after my m/c's and I am just waiting for the comments to come about me getting "fixed" once this baby comes. That, I just will not tolerate and I will speak up but overall, I've been truly trying to let it go in one ear and out the other b/c it really does stress me out!
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    Maybe you should try the laugh it off tech.. you will be putting her in her spot and still with a smile so it's a "joke". I'm very bad at this one. I always get mad.
    Also other ppl can have an opinion. you just don't have to agree with it.
    From experience I know that the reasons it hits you is cause you want her to love you and respect you. She prolly does. but she has a lowsy way of showing it.
    Just try and be confident. No one has any buisness in your family but you and your husband (exceptions there)

    Even talking to a shrink bout this is not letting go. letting go is not ignoring. letting go is back straight move on! let it be. don't give it a thought. (it's hard.. in weak moments when your tired and stuff it might come back at you) But you can work on this.
    and it's no crime to confront MIL on a later time.
    Saying stuff like.. I've been thinking bout what you said. and though I apprcieate that you care, It does hurt me if you say this or that. Or you make me feel like I'm a bad mom Or ... Speak about your feelings so you won't be attacking here and getting in fights.

    I hope you'll get stronger and trust what you and your husband chooses to do with your life. You've every right to be. You're grown up!

    It's not worth it dear.

    (and this peptalk is not just for you it's mine too! lol.. although I don't have a MIL anymore)

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