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    Kind of depressed and in a funk!

    Ok I'm one of those "obsessive" people that OBSESSES over anything and everything, especially when it comes to baby gender prediction. This is our last bub so I'm super nervous this might not be our girl. Granted, all we really want is a healthy baby but I know all of you on here understand the STRONG DESIRE for a certain gender- that's why we are all here! Last night and the night before I used my fetal doppler and picked the heartbeat up on my left side- yay a girl according to Ramzi Theory! Well, I'm pretty sure I hear the placenta on the right side - Ramzi boy and the Ramzi Theory states it is where the placenta is, not the baby. BUT, I also "think" I hear a placenta (wind blowing through trees) sound on my left side but I don't know if that is just blood running through a vein(s)! I feel like "Well, there goes my chance of a girl!" Ugh I have been obsessing over this all day and all I can think about is how depressed I will be when I hear "It's a boy!" No one understands me and where I'm coming from and I don't know what to do! Here is my 6 week ultrasound:


    This ultrasound clearly shows my uterus in transverse (baby on my left side)

    Side note: Right of the image is the left and vice versa.

    I just assumed this was my girl based off of this picture but someone told me that the placenta could be on the complete opposite side of the sac! Um, I don't think so? I would assume that the baby was super close to the placenta at that stage! Could I be wrong?

    Anyways, I'm done complaining. Just needed to vent. Thank you for listening
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    you can't tell what side your baby is implanted on, on the basis of where you hear a heartbeat.

    Re Ramzi, it depends on the tech because they can flip the screen back and forth and there's also the issue of "my right or your right" type of thing. so even if you have a picture that says right or left it's not a sure thing if you can really use it for a Ramzi guess.
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    was this done trans vaginal u/s or over tummy? mine was done trans vaginally yesterday DSC_1241.JPG

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