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    Environmental Factors and the effect on Gender

    Research supporting The Environment’s effect on gender determination:

    The Moon- “Lunaception”
    Influence of moonlight on the birth of male and female babies.


    Effects of full moon and no moon on the birth of male and female offspring were studied in Indian Couples of the age group 20 to 40 years. It was observed that 42 wives who were conceived within 24 hours of ovulation at full moon gave birth of 40 male and 2 female babies. On the other hand 40 women conceived on the day of ovulation 3 days prior to full moon gave birth of 13 male and 27 female babies. But only 5 women conceived on no moon, all of them gave birth of female babies. This method gives the couple more chance of having male child if conception occurs in the day of ovulation in full moon and having female child if conception occurs in no moon.


    If you want to take a look at what moon you will be under during conception, this is a cool tool-

    Before you worry too much about the Moon and its phases, there are many myths in our culture surrounding the power of the moon. One such myth is that more babies are born during a full moon. Heine, chief of Duke Maternal-Fetal Medicine, is quick to dispute any connection between the phases of the moon and the onset of labor. "People have thought a full moon is responsible for many things -- bad or good -- through time. So when babies were born in a full moon, it naturally became the reason, rather than just the normal time," says Heine.

    MacDonald, director of Duke Midwifery Services, agrees, adding that the reason this myth has persisted for so long is likely because of strong cultural ties. "There are lots of belief systems and cultures around the world linking the cycle of the moon and women’s fertility," she says.



    Ions have been discussed in tandem with the state of the moon. Ions are essential to life. Sodium, potassium, calcium and other ions play an important role in the cells of living organisms, particularly in cell membranes. The theory is X-bearing and Y-bearing sperm have differing ions. When there is a full moon, there are more positive ions in the air and you will be breathing these in. If you have an abundance of positive ions in your body, it is believed that you are more likely to attract male sperm. When there is a new moon, there are more negative ions in the air and you will be breathing these in. If you have an abundance of negative ions in your body, it is believed that you are more likely to attract female sperm.

    Our TTC a Girl and TTC a Boy Pages will go into detail about how to promote or discourge ions based on what Dream Gender you are hoping for.


    When the sexes of the exposed parents are controlled, paternal exposures to a number of chemicals used in war and agriculture (herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, etc.) reportedly reduce the sex ratios of subsequently born children. In some such studies, men have been exposed to a cocktail of chemicals. In the ideal study, there should be data on the exact chemical agents, on the endocrine profiles of the exposed workers, and on the sexes of offspring of the exposed workers. However, as far as I know, such data are available in only one set of studies. Garry et al. (2002a,b) reported significant excesses of daughters born to the wives of fungicide applicators. These workers also described a significant negative correlation between the men’s testosterone concentrations and their number of daughters (Garry et al., 2003). These authors concluded that fungicides seem to determine the sex of offspring. I suggest that this is correct, and that they do so by lowering the testosterone levels of exposed men. In the following section, the sex ratios associated with exposure to some chemical compounds are treated individually.

    Professional drivers have an excess of daughters due to poor sperm quality, and the evidence that lead lowers male testosterone levels.


    Professional diving
    Rockert (1977) reported 20 sons and 40 daughters born to deep divers in the Swedish Navy. Lyster (1982) reported 45 sons and 85 daughters born to Australian abalone divers. This is thought to be due to lower levels of testosterone.

    Pilots of high-performance aircraft and spacecraft
    Low testosterone/gonadotrophin ratios in such men and in experimental animals have been reported by Ortiz et al. (2000), Strollo et al. (1998) and Strollo (1999) resulting in more daughters born.

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