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    Coping with announcements

    Does anyone else ever feel like itís SO easy for other people to get pregnant with a girl ? (Or boy if thatís your dg)

    Why do women I know seem to get their girl but me.. Iím waiting, worrying .. where is she and will she ever be ?

    My best friend is pregnant, 2 weeks behind me and sheís just found out gender. She really wanted a girl ( itís her first baby) and yep, itís a girl. As easy as that.

    I know I sound so bitter, I am happy for her ... but itís times like this it just brings my GD to the surface and I have to vent. Bluerghhhh.


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    This is exactly how I feel about a boy. People even have the statistics to show that -- higher conception rate of boys, higher birth rate of boys, higher statistics of having a boy after having had a girl and such, etc. All of my family members smoke and are fat and unhealthy and have all boys. Everyone in DH's family have a pigeon pair.

    And here I am with an army of dead male embryos behind me.

    We even know we get 50/50 ourselves from IVF, but our XYs keep being abnormal (and I only started having losses after swaying for a boy).

    I'm just bitter at this point of anyone getting what they want. THAT sticks with me even beyond gender, that something I did in this life or a former or whatever (I don't really buy past lives, fyi, more saying that facetiously) has resulted in me literally never getting what I want.
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