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    I was right. It feels like a mean joke. I changed my whole life. I had zero libido. I was on meds. I'm kicking myself for not being patient. I think one attempt would have been more of a chance. E4d I haven't seen successful sways with. Not enough anyhow. I was just not getting younger and the diet and exercise was hard. I gave up and did e4d and I think that's where I went wrong. I know not all perfect sways are successful. But being my last, I would have liked to try everything. It was just getting too much. Now when we BD I can get Braxton hicks for 3 days. Sperm changes everything in there and I shouldn't have BD 3 times that cycle. I should have only done once. I'm sad. Trying to accept the reality, but sad.

    I also thought I was done having children so I got rid of all my baby stuff.

    I was hopeful this time. Even a tiny bit. My pregnancy was a world different than the five others. No MS, hcg off the charts high, a dark positive at 9 dpo. And pimples on my face like never before. Craving fruits all day long. I thought it was the one. I was wrong.

    Now to pull myself together and get ready for boy number 6. Ugh. Ppls reactions are going to piss me off. Like what were you thinking. It was obviously going to be a boy.

    Thanks for the support....

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    I'm so sorry, I can feel your pain. I have two boys and ttc pink, my first attempt was a couple of days ago and just did one attempt but i know that I will have to drop that fairly quickly as I'm older and it took a while to get pregnant with my second.
    I afraid I don't have any words of advice but just to know you are not alone in how you feel.
    so unfair for pregnancy symptoms to play tricks on you
    I hope you manage to find your excitement for this special little boy. What a unique and special family you'll be.

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