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    Feeling really deflated after dating scan today

    I'm only 13 weeks so don't officially know gender yet but during my dating scan today I'm sure I saw what looked like a very boyish nub. My printed off photos don't seem to show anything clearly but during the actual scan I'm sure I saw babies nub area go into a boy shape several times.
    I also saw underneath baby when they were checking the feet and I'm sure I saw a buldge between the legs.
    After how we DTD (e4d) I was to be honest anticipating to see a girly nub today and now all excitement is gone.
    I'm kicking myself as I feel so horrible but I can't stop feeling like this

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    I was just about to guess girl on your dating scan shot. Girl nubs can look like peeners to many people.

    You cannot tell by a potty shot the gender at this point. We have this vision of baby girls being smooth like Barbies but they are not at all, there is a bulge there, and the boy bits are tiny still, so the potty shot of boy and girl can be very very close to idential (this is why we use nub and not potty).

    it's always best to prepare for the worst but I don't think you're out yet.
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