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    Gender disappointment - Second Boy :(

    Just found out that we’re having a boy I am glad that the baby is healthy but I have major gender disappointment.

    The only way I feel like I can move on is planning for a next one for IVF/PGD. My husband and I both talked about it and he seems very interested. How soon after birth can I start trying for ivf/PGD? Is it a guarantee that we will have a girl? Does it work better if I am perfectly healthy and fertile?

    We’re ok spending the money and I’d like the age gap to be as less as possible. I really thought I was done having kids but I desperately want a girl

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    @pinkpink24 I’m still waiting for my genetic testing results, but I have a feeling I will be joining the “opposite sway” group. Just trying to prepare for the disappointment.
    Already I’m thinking along the lines of IVF, but unlike you my husband is not on board.
    Well wishes and congrats. If you find anything helpful, do share!

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