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    Sperm Spinning plus iui

    I read on here that iui has low success rates, but I got pregnant on my first iui attempt with my first son so I have no reason to think that it would be an issue. My second son was unplanned.

    I am not really too keen on doing IVF. First, I have always had an ultra low to undetectable amh and low afc. At this point, since I have readings spanning from age 31 to 39 and they are not decreasing, the conclusion is pretty much that I just don't recruit many eggs, but it doesn't seem to have affected my ability to get pregnant. However, because I only seem to recruit 2-4 eggs rather than the normal 10-15, it is unlikely that I would get very many in an ivf cycle. Also, I don't really know what I would do if I had extra embryos.

    Thus, I have been looking into the sperm spinning. Two clinics do it here in Houston. One told me their success rate was only about 55 percent. I did not understand if this meant 55 percent pregnancy or 55 percent of the wanted gender.

    My question is: Has anyone done this and was it successful?

    I am worried that no amount of swaying is going to get me a girl. If one went by all of the sway techniques, my second son should have undoubtedly been a girl. I think, perhaps, my husband's sperm count may be working against me. When we did the iui, his sperm count was 880 million.

    (How all of that came about: At age 31, did testing to see where I was in terms of egg reserve and it came back my AMH was 0.5 and my FSH was 13. AMH next came back undetectable. I had been planning on waiting another couple of years. My OB sent me straight away to an RE who did more testing. Additional testing came back I had a Fragile X premutation that causes POF (premature ovarian failure) so we immediately jumped into ART after only 3 months of trying because they thought I was perimenopausal. 8 years later, my FSH was actually lower (10) and my AMH higher (0.17) last time I had it checked. I still have regular periods so the conclusion is basically my mutation probably just makes it where I don't recruit many eggs but haven't gone through menopause early.)

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    I cant give you any advice on sperm spinning but didnt want to read and run.. your situation is similar to another lady on here who had 2 boys, was diagnosed POF and she had tried ivf with g/s but it didnt work out, then she swayed and got a girl for her #3 you always have a chance at a girl and i wish you all the best with whatever you decide to do.
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    I suspect it's 55% with their spinning as 55% with IUI is incredibly high.

    A few people have done spinning and had success. A few others have done it and gotten opposites. Others haven't gotten pregnant. It's just a very mixed bag and I can't recommend it. They will likely give you Clomid or Femara though and those tend to sway pink anyway, so there's that.

    I don't think you'd be a good candidate for IVF for the reasons you already describe. You need to be able to make lots of eggs.

    You may be surprised about swaying. Many times people think they have a full understanding of what swaying is all about but then they think it's different than it is, and other times, people just don't understand that swaying is not 100% so for all you know, you may have been like 80% likely to have a girl but fell into the unlucky 20% range. Swaying does work, it's just that it's not 100% so people getting opposites with swaying doesn't mean it can't work.

    If you decide to go ahead with sperm spinning please keep us posted how you're getting along!
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