What an honest and brave message you have posted. Don't worry about being blunt, everyone is here to support each other on this forum. You said that your OBGYN has no experience of GS. How about asking the clinic you have chosen for a list of coordinators/clinic in the UK (or the country you live in)? My clinic in North Cyprus did this and they had a very long list. Luckily, the specialist i had chosen had his name on the list. (Besides,it was him who recommended the clinic in the first place!!)This way, you might find a specialist close to where you live who has been through this before. My specialist here in the UK said that he had done the process (helping with GS) many times before. On the other hand you might be happy and comfortable with the OBGYN you already have so why change if you are happy. The co-ordinator/nurse in the clinic abroad will email you/the OBGYN with all the meds/start dates/duration of time to take the meds/required dosage. I had a very detailed plan emailed to me. My clinic here in the UK then wrote the prescription, ordered it, then the private pharmacy would phone me within an hour after receiving the prescription for payment over the phone. Fed exp would then deliver the meds. Sorry for the long post, the point im trying to make is that i think its really important to have a really good clinic/OBGYN.

Shame you had no luck with Kolan Hospital, i think like many other clinics, staff move and things change. I wonder where Zeren and Dr Zehra went to? Like yourself, I have heard many good things on about Team Miracle, they seem to be doing well these days