Let us create your Natural Gender Selection plan for you! We are the experts in Natural Gender Selection!

Let’s face it- there is a TON of information regarding gender swaying on the Internet. You can buy a “kit”, “special diet plan”, “magic date” lunar calendars, etc, etc but we at Gender Dreaming do not believe in a one size fits all approach to swaying. We are all individuals with individual body chemistry and predisposed genetic makeup. In order for a sway to be effective, you have to address the individual and no kit or magic date will work for everyone.

Swaying is not easy and it takes a lot of research and planning to develop your own plan. We realize that going through all the information on the site can be confusing and overwhelming and not everyone has the time to dedicate to the perfect plan.

Our Plan and Diet has a scientific basis using the Trivers Willard Hypothesis. This research showed that the gender ratios could be controlled by Parental condition at conception. Trivers and Willard believed that animals and humans would give birth to more males when parents are in “good conditions” and more females when parents are in “poor conditions”. Conditions means more than just diet. There is more to determining gender than what you eat. Our plan for conceiving a girl is comprehensive and includes the following areas-

  • Mom Suggested Supplements
  • Dad Suggested Supplements
  • Mom Suggested Drinks
  • Dad Suggested Drinks
  • Diet and Blood Glucose Level Control
  • Exercise
  • Weight Loss/Gain
  • Lifestyle Choices
  • Sperm Count
  • Controlling Cervical Mucus and Vaginal pH
  • The Attempt(frequency and when to try)
  • After the Attempt

Our plan is comprehensive and designed to align your body with the ideal conditions to conceive a girl. Our Plan includes access to our member forum and email support when you need specific help. Get started today and learn how to naturally sway for a boy or girl!

If you would like to purchase a Comprehensive Natural Gender Swaying Plan to help you increase your odds of having a boy or girl, you may purchase one of our plans in our store by CLICKING HERE.

Personalized Swaying Plan Details

What do you receive?
After you complete the necessary questionnaires that help to create a plan that is personalized for you, you receive the detailed plan and schedule, which provides guidance from up to 90 days before you TTC(try to conceive) through your attempt and the 2 week wait. A link to the format of the plan you receive is below. You also receive-

1. A sample 5-day menu

2. A pink or blue shopping list

3. A Comprehensive Plan and Schedule detailing how to sway for a girl or boy

With the Personalized Service, you are given access to your own Private Forum where we upload the plan and you may then post questions to one of our swaying coaches and receive a priority response for six months! We are here to support you!

The cost of the Plan with 6 months of private coaching is $79 USD.

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