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    for the love of all that is good and holy, no DIY abortions please

    There is a trend online where women are getting the abortion pills from friends or family or online and trying to manage abortions at home. Please don't do this.

    Here is a rather judgy but informational article that explains the risks. Friends Don

    I know of one person who lost their uterus after taking the abortion pill and several others who tried to induce an abortion but the pregnancy didn't end. Virtually all of these people decided to continue the pregnancy anyway after taking the abortion pill, either because they felt so horribly guilty after they took the pill or because they decided that the baby had fought so hard to live that they couldn't continue with the process. So if this happens and the pregnancy continues, you run the risk of exposing your baby to chemicals that WILL harm it by design.

    Above all else, and I CANNOT stress this strongly enough, do NOT end a pregnancy because you didn't get to sway or because you "have a feeling" your sway didn't work. People get pregnant with their desired gender every day without swaying and it very well may be that you end a pregnancy that is your desired gender only to sway and get an opposite. And feelings do not predict gender. They really, really don't.
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    Atomic you are too good. I love the work you are doing in life of mothers.

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