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    Hi LMSM,

    Followed you on here since I joined over a year ago now! So excited for you!!

    Youíve done so much planning and I can just feel how much you want this from your posts . Iíll be awaiting your news , sending you lots of love and luck! And all my blue dust. I have two gorgeous cuddly boys, a lot of what you write in your plan is me.

    Lots of Food and snacking, literally grazing all day, all fruit and veg and meat. No coffee ever but tea all day. Took vitamins prior to conception, Bd a lot whenever. Donít drink or smoke, worked at pc all day. Quite controlling, like to plan everything and make lists.

    Please send me your pink dust for the future !!

    Iíve got a good feeling about your sway.


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    Definitely not overheating his boys.. he doesnít like them compressed either lol
    BUT he does have a small pot belly...and less muscles than in the past. He doesnít seem keen on exercising at home like me
    Lucky Mummy to 3 adorable princesses
    (07/2013) (09/2015) (03/2018)
    Our sway didnít work for #3 - but we love her to bits... still hoping we might add blue to the crew, to complete our family - hopefully TTC blue July-August 2020?

    Will take any and all available blue dust,please

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