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    Soya milk delays period ??

    Hi Atomic,

    Wondering what your thoughts were on soya milk?

    Reason I ask is Iíve always had regular periods, nothing unusual and always been luck to have no issues, roughly 28-30 day cycle... until this month suddenly it was 43 days. Really not sure why? Perhaps itís quite normal to just have a long cycle once in your life ? Or is there normally a reason for it.

    This last month Iíve introduced soya milk in to my diet, certainly not in large quantities though- just in cups of tea, and I wonder whether this was the reason?

    I suppose you could say I had pcos tendencies... unwanted hair on stomach and chin but still always regular periods so I donít know whether my age (31) or the fact Iíve gained a bit of weight recently might have caused the long cycle.

    Would appreciate your thoughts on this



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    Yes, it absolutely can mess with people's cycles. Soy has phytoestrogens in it that mimic estrogen and compete with estrogen receptors. But normally you'd need to be drinking a lot more than just a bit in tea to see that happen.

    Weight gain with PCO tendencies can also cause a change in cycle.

    But it may just be that this was a one-off and won't continue next month.
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