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    Confused Please review my sway for PINK? I'm pregnant!

    Hi, i'm new so hope i'm posting correctly! I am currently 5 weeks pregnant with baby #2. I already have a 1 year old little boy.

    So i've been sneaking around this website for a while without signing up. My first month actively trying i fell pregnant (which makes me think its a boy) but i did the following:

    - Pescatarian for 1 year prior to conception
    (I ate meat when concieved my boy)
    - Didnt eat breakfast for 2 months prior (ate at noon)
    - cut out salt
    - no bananas and very little potatoes
    - only ate 2 meals a day, last meal at 7.30 ish.
    - took fibre (chitosan) every day for month prior.
    - took vitamin C 1000mg every day to up progesterone (i have a short luteal phase)
    - no prenatals (i took them with my boy)
    - husband was on licorice root 2 weeks before DTD.
    -did somewhat frequent release.
    - no orgasm for me.
    - missionary only.
    - used replens day before attempt both times (only pea sized amount)
    - rose quartz next to bed & daily woodland walks.

    What makes me think it could be a boy:
    Did 1 attempt 4 days before ovulation so then i DTD day of positive ovulation (peak smiley on clearblue) but did a jump and dump after 5 minutes.

    I got pregnant so easily im thinking a boy must have raced his way up there!

    Any opinions on this light sway? Do you think i still have a chance at pink even though i had 2 attempts?

    Thanks so much in advance

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    I don't generally sound off on sways that are done deals - there's no way for me to know what your baby's gender is as even "perfect" sways produce opposites.

    I CAN assure you that DTD 4 days before O and then at pos OPK does not sway blue. The 4 day before O attempt was very likely dead and gone before the egg ever showed up. We just do not see sperm fertilizing eggs at that point. So I consider that one attempt.

    We have about the same time to conception for both successful and opposite sways. So I would not worry about getting pregnant quickly, we have plenty of girls conceived first month out.

    Good luck and pink dust!
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