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    Thanks so much, everyone!!! I so appreciate it. By some funny coincidence, all our babies have been born on holidays, but this baby is due the end of JanuaryÖthe only ďholidayĒ even close is my birthday

    Atomic, thank you so so much for your encouragement. I have been feeling much more hopeful these last couple days, and reading your response was incredibly helpful. I can rest easy knowing that, for the most part, I did what I could and trust that everything else is in the hands of God/fate/the universeÖ As always, motherhood is a good exercise in letting go of control and expectations. We will probably wait until the anatomy scan to find out gender, but Iím so tempted to find out earlier haha! I wondered if my short LP was due to too-low calorie intake. But I was staying within the limits for the most part, and historically my body just wonít ovulate if I donít have enough weight on me. But perhaps my hormones have just kinda changed after all these years

    It still does not feel real. Cuddling with my sweetest-ever toddler, I just pinch myself that I get to do this again. I feel incredibly blessed, especially remembering how many question marks there used to be for me ever being able to conceive and be able to carry a healthy baby to term. Iím choosing to be cautiously optimistic that this will not end in miscarriage as my last one did because I donít have the bleeding like I did.

    Thanks again, all

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    Oh that's great, I'm so glad to hear you're feeling more upbeat!

    Yes short LP is one of the situations that can develop with too low a cal intake. People get delayed ovulation, short LP, or both.

    Regardless of what happened in the past, there's so much variation month to month we can't really base anything that happens in the now on what happened in the past. Even just a couple hundred calories or a few grams of fat can make the difference between a normal cycle and one that can't end in conception, so these minor variations like going on vacation can totally have an outsize impact!

    We are all keeping our fingers crossed for a happy, healthy pregnancy!
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    Congratulations on your pregnancy! I hope you get your girl. Keep us updated!

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